Why Great Stage Set Design Can Advance your Goals

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Why Great Stage Set Design Can Advance your Goals

When it comes to public speaking, there’s a good deal more to it than simply having something to say. Whether you’re presenting an award, giving an industry speech or presenting to shareholders, there are dozens of tricks and techniques which you can employ to drive your message home and deliver effective messaging.
One such technique is the deployment of custom stage sets. Designed to provide a visually interesting, brand complimentary backdrop to your conferences, they’re vital in a number of ways.
Unfortunately, many conference holders choose to hold back on their stage setting in favour of cost-cutting. Needless to say, we don’t think that’s a good idea and, in this article, we’re going to share with you three huge reasons why great stage set design can help you achieve your goals. Let’s get started.
They Help Focus Attention
Conferences, regardless of the size, are visually and aurally distracting affairs. From the shuffling of papers, the glare of nearby smartphone and computer screens and endless numbers of people moving in and out of your line of sight, it can be tough to stay on track. That’s doubly true if you’re listening to a speaker who, shall we say, haven’t quite perfected the art of public speaking.
A well-designed stage set will draw attention away from those distractions and towards the speaker, helping to deliver a more potent and targeted message than if simply stood on a bare stage with nothing but a lectern.
You’ll Enjoy Improved Branding Opportunities
Conferences are the perfect opportunity to drive home your brand values and identity to a room full of open and interested people. Having your name on the event is one thing, but without complimentary stage set design, you’ll be wasting a gigantic branding opportunity.
By ignoring the stage setting, you’re losing out on an incredible opportunity to push your branding forwards. It’s not just featuring your logo either, because stage set design can be used to tell any story, whether it’s a nod to your origin as a scrappy tech start-up or whether it’s about projecting confidence in your B2B services.
They Display Information & Products
Your set design can do more than just look pretty, it can be used to display anything from extra information to the products you’re introducing or discussing.
Through the use of a projector and a set design which incorporates shelving or storage, you can utilise your set to show off your products and provide supplementary information to your guests.
They Add Value
If you’re organising a conference, there’s a good chance you’re charging attendants to be there.
Of course, they’re there for the world-class speakers and the insights they’ll gain, but one should never underestimate the value of first impressions. A professional, high-quality environment adds significant value to your conference, encouraging guests to buy into the message and visit again next year.
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